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Karla Ridpath

Some of the best times that I remember from High School in Eldora involve Dory and a dreaded snake.  Whether it was hearing her blood curdling screams coming from the bathroom at the Sno Creme where she was standing on top of the toilet in panic mode, or walking back to the school after archery class because someone put a snake in the bus and she would not get on the bus, it was an adventure with her


But the very best memory that I have of Dory was out at the old football field at the Fair Grounds where we were taught archery by THE Mr. Thurness.  I shot off my required number of arrows, trying to hit the stupid target and mostly missing the bale altogether.  Dory went out to pick up my arrows.  Suddenly she stopped, screamed the scream of a nightmare, dropped the arrows and in mid-air, turned and came running back to me.  Most of us didn't know she could run that fast and to be crying and screaming and cussing all at the same time.  It was quite a sight to see.  The look in her eyes was pure panic and terror.  When she got about six feet away from me, she came sailing through the air, all arms and legs and tears and before I knew it she jumped on me and I was holding her like a baby..  Needless to say Dory's turns at getting the arrows, were done.  I could barely get her to stand there while I went out to get them.


I have many good memories of our high school years and many of them involved Dory.  I miss her as much today as the day she died.  Are there snakes in Heaven, Dory?

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